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036What makes our programs strong? The key to our programs are well-planned activities and curriculum that are stimulating and varied. We capture children’s interest by giving them information and encouraging them to think. Our “All Ready” & “High Reach” Curriculums are planned and implemented with care by creative, involved child care professionals.

Beginners/First Steps


As you reflect on all the development that takes place during the first year of life, you can see that the changes are remarkable. Infants have so many challenges to meet. Each day your infants will learn and develop through:

  • Developmentally-Appropriate Curriculum
  • Tummy Time
  • Individual & Small Group Activities
  • Sensory Play

Throughout a baby’s first year of life almost from the minute of birth an important emotional development is taking place – bonding. Bonding is forming a strong attachment to and preference for, the primary caregivers.  This is why we create safe, nurturing and loving environments in our infant areas. We want your child to have their needs met with consistency, patience and love.

Our Beginners and First Steps classrooms offer individualized attention for your child and many opportunities for hands on learning. We implement the “All Ready” Curriculum in these classrooms which supports positive growth and development. You will have comfort in knowing your child is loved and learning at Alexander’s Academy.


At Alexander’s Academy, our Wobblers are involved in a variety of hands-on activities. We make sure that our toddlers are meeting their developmental milestones while learning through play!

Our Wobblers will participate in a variety of daily activities that include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Play
  • Art, Science and Sensory Activities
  • Songs and Fingerplays
  • Home Center and Dramatic Play

The classrooms are equipped with toddler friendly toys that assist in every area of development such as: touch and feel books, instruments, soft blocks and knob puzzles. Wobblers will learn how to be independent and socially interact with their peers. They are busy, messy and always having fun while learning!



By the time children reach preschool age, they have learned so much, yet the process has only just begun. Preschoolers are getting ready to learn and interact with others in a social setting. The goal of our learning environment is to help children become independent. Children learn more by doing for themselves.

The classroom areas are divided into learning centers. Each learning center is organized around a theme, such as blocks, art or science. Each is suited to the age and development of the children who will use it.

Learning centers provide an organized way to arrange space and manage the activities in the center. Specifically they:

  • Direct children to activities and focus their attention.
  • Allow children to learn by doing, while working at their own pace.
  • Provide opportunities for independent and small group play.

Our Preschool uses a sensory approach to learning. We know that children learn best when given opportunities to explore their surroundings using all five senses. We stress:

  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Pre-Literacy and Pre-Writing Skills

We implement the “All Ready” Curriculum which provides a variety of activities that encourages children to learn through discovery and hands-on experiences.

We invite you to come see and learn about our preschool environments!

Jr. Kindergarten


This is an exciting time for your child. They will begin their first steps in their formal education. The “High Reach” curriculum provides developmentally and age-appropriate early learning experiences and materials that develop essential readiness skills through exploration, investigation and FUN!

The Jr. Kindergarten curriculum used at Alexander’s Academy is designed to prepare your child for a successful kindergarten year. Our Jr. Kindergarten class will benefit from:

  • Educational Field Trips
  • Spanish Class
  • In-Center Activities
  • Weekly Homework Folder
  • Mid-Year and End-of-the-Year Assessments
  • Jr. Kindergarten Promotion

We spend our day working on:

  • Math Readiness
  • Creative Arts
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Science & Discovery
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills

We want to send each child to public school with the confidence that they can achieve a lifetime of learning because of the knowledge they gained from Alexander’s Academy.



At Alexander’s Academy, we believe that quality School Age care is particularly important in a child’s life. Our before and after school program provides:

  • Large Shaded Playgrounds
  • Supervised tutoring in “Power Hour”
  • Breakfast, Snack & Dinner Daily
  • Opportunities to make Free Style Choices
  • Multiple Learning Centers
  • School Holiday Field Trips
  • Transportation to and from Spring ISD, Conroe ISD & Klein ISD Schools

The “Pinnacle” Curriculum provides opportunities for students to participate in activities that challenge their creativity and gives a social/recreational outlet. Our program allows your school age child

a safe and fun environment to develop lifelong friendships.

Summer Camp


Summer is the time of the year that children are free to explore and relax. Our summer camp program offers experiences in sports, art, music & more. Weekly field trips, fun curriculum activities and in-center experiences make for a fun camp atmosphere and strive to keep the kids learning all summer long.

Our Summer Camp is much more than fun and games – although that is the basis of many of the activities. Our children will be able to develop new skills and interests – often without even knowing it. Part of the excitement is having the opportunity to try new and exciting things, whether that be rock climbing for the first time or learning how to roller skate!

Our Summer Camp features:

  • Seed-to-Plate Nutrition EducationTM Program
  • Fun In-Center Activities (Human Hamster Ball, Team Relay Run, Foam Pit)
  • Weekly Swimming Field Trips
  • Additional Weekly Field Trips (Atkinson Farm, taekwondo, Impact Strong)
  • Curriculum-based Activities
  • End of the Summer Bash

Be sure to sign up early as our Summer Camp fills up quickly!

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