By the time children reach preschool age, they have learned so much, yet the process has only just begun. Preschoolers are getting ready to learn and interact with others in a social setting. The goal of our learning environment is to help children become independent. Children learn more by doing for themselves.

The classroom areas are divided into learning centers. Each learning center is organized around a theme, such as blocks, art or science. Each is suited to the age and development of the children who will use it.

Learning centers provide an organized way to arrange space and manage the activities in the center. Specifically they:

Direct children to activities and focus their attention.

  • Allow children to learn by doing, while working at their own pace.
  • Provide opportunities for independent and small group play.

Our Preschool uses a sensory approach to learning. We know that children learn best when given opportunities to explore their surroundings using all five senses. We stress:

  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Pre-Literacy and Pre-Writing Skills

We implement the Frog Street Curriculum which provides a variety of activities that encourages children to learn through discovery and hands-on experiences.

We invite you to come see and learn about our preschool environments!

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