As you reflect on all the development that takes place during the first year of life, you can see that the changes are remarkable. Infants have so many challenges to meet. Each day your infants will learn and develop through:

  • Developmentally-Appropriate Curriculum
  • Tummy Time
  • Individual & Small Group Activities
  • Sensory Play

Throughout a baby’s first year of life almost from the minute of birth an important emotional development is taking place – bonding. Bonding is forming a strong attachment to and preference for, the primary caregivers.  This is why we create safe, nurturing and loving environments in our infant areas. We want your child to have their needs met with consistency, patience and love.

Our Beginners and First Steps classrooms offer individualized attention for your child and many opportunities for hands on learning. We implement the Frog Street Curriculum in these classrooms which supports positive growth and development. You will have comfort in knowing your child is loved and learning at Alexander’s Academy.

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