summer2Summer is the time of the year that children are free to explore and relax. Our summer camp program offers experiences in sports, art, music & more. Weekly field trips, fun curriculum activities and in-center experiences make for a fun camp atmosphere and strive to keep the kids learning all summer long.

Our Summer Camp is much more than fun and games – although that is the basis of many of the activities. Our children will be able to develop new skills and interests – often without even knowing it. Part of the excitement is having the opportunity to try new and exciting things, whether that be rock climbing for the first time or learning how to roller skate!

Our Summer Camp features:

  • Seed-to-Plate Nutrition EducationTM Program
  • Fun In-Center Activities (Human Hamster Ball, Team Relay Run, Foam Pit)
  • Weekly Swimming Field Trips
  • Additional Weekly Field Trips (Atkinson Farm, taekwondo, Impact Strong)
  • Curriculum-based Activities
  • End of the Summer Bash

Be sure to sign up early as our Summer Camp fills up quickly!

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